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MCU’s Multiverse Makes 1 Villain Perfect For Deadpool 3

Deadpool and Wolverine will be making their way to the MCU in 2024’s Deadpool 3, but the pair needs a powerful villain to go up against; luckily, the MCU’s multiverse might have the perfect answer. Ryan Reynolds was confirmed to be reprising his role of Deadpool in the MCU proper after Disney’s acquisition of Fox, and in September 2022, Hugh Jackman was announced to be joining him in a shock return as Wolverine, a role which he originally closed the book on after 2017’s Logan. Deadpool 3 is set to be a multiverse adventure, potentially bringing the iconic Fox X-Men characters into the MCU, along with a few potential surprises.

In previous Fox films, Wade Wilson has been pitted against Ajax, the mutated leader of the program that created Deadpool, and Cable, an antihero from the future, but for his first adventure in the MCU, Marvel Studios need to give Deadpool a new and unexpected villain. Deadpool 3 takes place during the Multiverse Saga, so the concept of the multiverse will play a huge part in the film, and since Owen Wilson is rumored to be reprising his Loki role of Mobius M. Mobius, it seems Deadpool might catch the attention of the TVA. Loki’s storyline could provide the answer for who Deadpool 3’s perfect villain could be.

Lady Deadpool Would Be The Perfect Deadpool 3 Villain

If Deadpool 3 ends up using similar plot points to the Loki Disney+ series, with the return of Mobius and the TVA, then it would fit the bill to include a variant of Deadpool himself as the film’s villain. Loki debuted Sylvie, a female variant of Loki who the God of Mischief builds a bond with, so Deadpool 3’s perfect villain might come in the form of Lady Deadpool. Wanda Wilson’s introduction in Deadpool 3 would not only provide a formidable foe for Deadpool and Wolverine but would also create the opportunity for some fantastic and satirical jokes (potentially at the expense of Loki), something that Deadpool is famous for.

Deadpool 3’s Story Needs To Fit With The Rest Of The Multiverse Saga

Bringing characters over from the now defunct Fox X-Men franchise into the established MCU was always going to be a big risk for Marvel Studios, and while Wade Wilson might be able to make the move easily, including such an iconic Fox character as Jackman’s Wolverine is a bit trickier. He’s become synonymous with Fox’s X-Men films, so Marvel Studios need to be very careful to make Deadpool 3 an MCU film and work hard to make sure it fits with the wider MCU. Using the TVA in Deadpool 3 is a great way to do this, as audiences are already familiar with them from Loki.

Debuting Lady Deadpool as the villain would help to make Deadpool 3 feel more like a Marvel Studios project since the idea of introducing variants of heroes has already been used significantly in projects such as Loki, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and Spider-Man: No Way Home. Using a variant of Wade Wilson would help to ensure audiences that the same rules are being applied, even though it’s a continuation of a story that started at Fox. Deadpool 3 is set to be an incredible, and hilarious, adventure, and bringing Lady Deadpool into the fold would only make it an even stronger introduction for Deadpool in the MCU.

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