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Megan Thee Stallion’s First Set of Hot Girl Summer Nails Is Here

Hot Girl Summer is not officially here until Megan Thee Stallion says it’s here, and according to her Instagram, it’s here. Her latest manicures have consisted of nude nails, black snake-tongue nails, and dice-inspired nails, but her newest set couldn’t be more different from these past ones.

The “Sweetest Pie” rapper posted several Instagram stories yesterday of her in the car, including a couple of no-makeup selfies (if you haven’t heard, she is swearing off makeup until Coachella begins). Can she drop the skincare routine immediately? Because she is glowing.

She’s giving casual glam in this selfie, as she’s in a tie dye hoodie, but what really caught our attention was her manicure. We’re assuming these nails — bright orange with a colorful pattern gracing the tips — combined with the warm weather we’ve felt on the east coast over the past few days are her official announcement that it is Hot Girl Summer.

With either acrylic or gel extensions, these nails are square-shaped and feature all bright colors, which are perfect for the warmer seasons. Even though the view of the nails is not the clearest, we can still make out the lengthy tips, which are maybe at least an inch long, and the nail art, which involves yellow, blue, white, pink, purple, and green lines swirling around the edges of her nails. They almost look like ocean waves.

I can’t help but wonder what inspired these nails, and, to be honest, I’ll probably copy this set at my next nail appointment. Now, for our final question: are these the Coachella nails she plans to wear on stage? We don’t know what to expect, but we know that Megan will not disappoint us.

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