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Melvins’ Buzz Osborne Explains His Disdain for Partying with Rock ‘n’ Rollers

Wrapping up the Melvins’ 40th-anniversary celebration in 2023, Buzz Osborne recently engaged in a conversation with Punknews. During the interview, he expressed his aversion to socializing with rock ‘n’ roll artists:

“Partying or hitting up the Rainbow or whatever? I detest nonsense like that. It’s not my scene. I don’t attend gatherings where I’d come across rock ‘n’ rollers. I don’t attend parties, period. If I’m at a bar, it’s because I’m there on a professional basis and getting compensated for it.” Disclosing his reluctance to participate in high-profile events, the vocalist continued:

“I wouldn’t attend a Grammy party or an Oscars party… It’s not that I don’t think those events should exist; it’s just that I don’t feel at ease in those settings. I’ve been asked to partake in such things, and I’ve always declined. If that’s what it takes to mingle with the big shots and succeed, I’m just not wired for it!”

Rockers’ Actions Infuriate Him

Osborne further explained the rationale behind his stance on partying and rockers, stating: “I’m not intimidated by anyone! Not in the slightest! Most of them infuriate me! The music business, or the movie business, isn’t something I aspire to be heavily involved in. It’s not what I want. I’ve deliberately kept my distance from it for the majority of my adult musical career.”

The singer had previously been outspoken about his disdain for the music business and certain rock stars. In a 2012 tour diary for Spin.com, he openly criticized figures like Rob Zombie and Billie Joe Armstrong, using strong language to express his sentiments.

The Melvins Singer’s Disapproval of Rock ‘n’ Roll Personalities

Discussing his candid remarks, Osborne clarified that there’s no need for pretense, as neither he nor other rockers are concerned about each other’s opinions. Highlighting what distinguishes the Melvins from the rest, he elaborated:

“We’re referring to absurd five-star personalities with equally absurd five-star managers, road managers, and a horde of sycophantic individuals surrounding them at all times. Nothing they do ever catches me off guard. It’s predictably dull and pathetic, and it’s one of the reasons why the Melvins operate the way they do.”

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