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Morrissey Alleges Exclusion from The Smiths’ Narrative

Morrissey Claims Exclusion from The Smiths’ History Narrative Former frontman of The Smiths, Morrissey, has asserted that he is being intentionally excluded from the band’s historical account. On his website, Morrissey Central, the Manchester-born musician defended his pivotal role in the iconic indie group, asserting that he “invented” several elements that set The Smiths apart. He contends that recent media narratives seek to downplay his centrality to the band’s identity, emphasizing his contributions to the group name, song titles, album titles, artwork, vocal melodies, and heartfelt lyrical content.

Morrissey expressed frustration with claims suggesting altered historical events, including the initial meeting at Rough Trade Records, challenging the accuracy of details and affirming his integral role in the band’s formation. The singer concluded his message by invoking lyrics from their song ‘Hand In Glove,’ stating, “Hand in glove, I stake my claim! I’ll fight to the last breath!” Morrissey has frequently used his website to voice grievances, including previous accusations against Capitol Records CEO Michelle Jubelirer. He maintains hope in the music industry but warns against following influential figures lacking genuine interest in music into the shadows.

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