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Nancy Wilson of Heart Promises New Music in Early 2024

Heart’s Nancy Wilson Teases New Music Arrival in 2024 Heart, the iconic rock band, thrilled fans earlier this year with the announcement of their first concert since 2019. Originally slated for New Year’s Eve in Seattle, the hometown of the Wilson sisters, the reunion show took place earlier than expected. Adding more excitement to the reunion, Nancy Wilson of Heart shared in an interview with The Seattle Times that new music is in the works and is set to be released in 2024.

Nancy Wilson Confirms Collaborative Efforts on New Music with Ann In response to inquiries about their musical collaboration, Nancy Wilson confirmed that she and Ann have been working on new material together. “Yeah,” she shared, “We’ve done a couple of things in the can, and I’ve also worked along with Sue Ennis, who did a lot of Heart songwriting with me and Ann in the past.” Wilson further revealed, “I’ve got a bunch of stuff with Sue that I’ve been working on.” The prospect of fresh creations from the iconic duo is undoubtedly an exciting development for fans eagerly anticipating new music from Heart.

Nancy Wilson Says a New Heart Song Is Coming in 2024

Nancy Wilson Reveals Pride in New Song “A Million Goodbyes” Delving into details about an upcoming track, Nancy Wilson expressed her pride in a song titled “A Million Goodbyes.” The song narrates the tale of individuals mutually deciding to move forward in their lives after numerous farewells. Wilson sought the collaboration of Ben Gibbard from Death Cab for Cutie, praising his conversational vocal style devoid of ego accents. She shared, “He sang it with me, and it’ll come out early in the year.” Fans can anticipate the release of this compelling collaboration in the near future.

Ben Gibbard Unable to Join Heart for Seattle Show Debut of “A Million Goodbyes” Regrettably, Nancy Wilson revealed that Ben Gibbard won’t be able to join Heart for their upcoming Seattle show to debut the live performance of the new song “A Million Goodbyes.” Wilson shared, “He’s not going to be around for New Year’s Eve. I was like, ‘Oh, will you come sing it with me?’ But he’s unfortunately not going to be in town.” Despite the absence, fans can still look forward to the official release of the song in the early part of the year.

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