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Navarone Garibaldi, Son of Priscilla Presley, Opens Up About Fentanyl Addiction: “My Mum Helped Me – I Was Helpless”

Priscilla Presley’s Son Navarone Garibaldi Opens Up About Fentanyl Addiction: “My Mom Helped Me – I Was Helpless” Navarone Garibaldi, the son of Priscilla Presley, has candidly shared his struggles with a debilitating fentanyl addiction, emphasizing how his mother played a crucial role in his recovery. Disclosing that he was spending $3,000 a month on fentanyl, a drug 40 times more potent than heroin, Garibaldi explained that his addiction began unintentionally as it was mixed with other recreational drugs.

Comparing the impact of fentanyl to heroin, he stated, “With heroin, it would last about six to eight hours, but with fentanyl, you have to do it every 45 minutes or else you start to get sick,” during an interview with The Sun. Reflecting on his recovery, Garibaldi expressed gratitude to his mother, saying, “My mum helped me; I was indisposed, I was useless. She helped me do everything.”

The Presley family has faced challenges related to addiction in the past. Ben Keough, Priscilla Presley’s grandson and the son of Lisa Marie Presley, took his own life in 2020 at the age of 27 after struggling with addiction. Elvis Presley, Lisa Marie’s father, was found to have 14 drugs in his system when he passed away in 1977 at the age of 42. Lisa Marie Presley, who passed away in January 2023 at the age of 54, had therapeutic levels of opioids in her system, according to a toxicology report.

Priscilla Presley initiated a legal challenge disputing the validity of Lisa Marie’s will, alleging it was altered in 2016 to remove Priscilla and a former business manager as trustees. The amendment named Lisa Marie’s children, Riley Keough and Benjamin Keough, as successor co-trustees. In June, it was confirmed that Riley Keough would be the sole trustee of the estate, and Priscilla would receive an undisclosed amount to drop legal action. The settlement also allows Priscilla to be buried as close to Elvis Presley as possible at the Graceland estate when she passes away, and her son Navarone Garibaldi can participate in the memorial ceremony.

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