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Nita Strauss on Contemporary Guitarists Emulating Jimmy Page: ‘They’d Face Severe Criticism

Ahead of a series of shows in February and March supporting her new album, ‘The Call Of The Void,’ Nita Strauss participated in a recent conversation with Total Guitar. In the interview, she expressed her views on Jimmy Page’s music, asserting that attempting to replicate his solos as a modern guitarist would invite significant criticism.

When the interviewer highlighted Page’s fluidity with time, she commented: “For sure. I almost think if a modern player delivered a Jimmy Page solo, they’d get crucified. People would be saying the bends are out of key, or this note doesn’t fit in, or blah, blah, blah. But whatever he comes out with, Jimmy always makes it work.”

Elaborating on her perspective of the former Led Zeppelin member’s style, the guitarist continued: “He has shown us that what we play doesn’t always have to be perfectly time-coded or on the grid; the bends can go a little sharp, the vibrato can be a little erratic, and that can work even better than perfectly executed and punched-in stuff. He’s organic and real… there’s all that feel in what he comes out with because he plays from the heart, not the head.”

Nita’s Preferred Piece from Page’s Repertoire

Strauss also disclosed her favorite Jimmy Page riff. The guitarist, who delved into ‘actual guitar lessons’ only after securing a spot in Alice Cooper’s band, mentioned performing this song during her audition:

“It’s challenging to pick just one, but there’s a reason why ‘Whole Lotta Love’ is a classic. In fact, if I remember correctly, they even requested me to play that song as part of my audition for the Alice Cooper band!” Discussing the opening track from 1969’s ‘Led Zeppelin II,’ she elaborated:

“It’s such a classic, straightforward riff that every guitarist can appreciate and play – it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or very advanced; you will be able to sit down and play that riff and truly enjoy it.”

Strauss continued to emphasize Page’s influence on other musicians, stating that his ‘E blues magic’ in ‘Whole Lotta Love’ inspired numerous bands. She remarked, “Let’s give credit where it’s due!”

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