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Ozzy Osbourne Addresses Death Rumors: ‘I’m Here to Stay’

Ozzy Osbourne recently addressed a YouTube video on ‘The Osbournes Podcast’ that falsely claimed he had passed away. The video included a photo of the singer in a segment titled ‘Celebrities Who Have Died Today.’ Ozzy remarked:

“This thing on YouTube, it’s got ‘Celebrities Who Have Died Today,’ and there’s a picture of me. And I go, ‘I’m not dead. I’m not really dead. Just a little flesh wound.”

While discussing how he’s managing his Parkinson’s Disease and other health issues, Osbourne also mentioned his determination to return to the stage:

“It’s a bit fking much, isn’t it? I’m not going any-fking-where. And I’m gonna go up and do some more gigs before I’m finished anyway.”

The Singer is Focused on Improving His Health for a Comeback

In addition to dealing with Parkinson’s Disease, Osbourne has confronted various health issues, including neck and spine problems stemming from a 2019 fall, overcoming a serious thumb infection, and recovering from a hospitalization due to the flu. Despite these challenges, the singer remains committed to improving his health for a triumphant return to the stage.

During an October episode of his family podcast, Osbourne shared an update on his health: “I went to the doctor last Monday, and they said I’m blood clot-free. So I’ve got to do this with one of my arteries next Monday, and after that, it’s just back to physical therapy.” He also mentioned incorporating tai chi into his recovery routine for improved balance: “I’m gonna try to do it. It’s good for balance. It’s a new adventure.”

New Album in the Works as Well

Osbourne is gearing up for a new album, following the releases of ‘Ordinary Man’ in 2020 and ‘Patient Number 9’ in 2022, both produced by Andrew Watt. The singer revealed his plans for the upcoming record in an interview with Metal Hammer, expressing his readiness to work with Watt once again. He stated:

“I’m getting myself fit. I’ve done two albums fairly recently, but I want to do one more album and then go back on the road. I’m just starting to work on it now, and we’ll be recording in the early part of next year. I want to take my time with this one!”

Earlier this year, Osbourne announced his decision to retire from touring due to health concerns, leading to the cancellation of his No More Tours 2 run in February 2023. He also had to withdraw from the Power Trip festival, citing that his body wasn’t prepared for live performances.

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