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“Ozzy Osbourne Explores the Possibility of Using A.I. for New Music with Late Guitarist and Friend Randy Rhoads: “I’m Open To Anything””

Long before America achieved the moon landing feat, Ozzy Osbourne was already rocking stages, using heavy metal to earn the title of the “Prince of Darkness.” Throughout the decades, this rock legend witnessed numerous historical moments and crafted a few of his own during his illustrious career. Recently, the world, including artists like Osbourne, encountered a new milestone with the widespread adoption of artificial intelligence (AI). Once confined to the realms of science fiction, AI is now seamlessly integrated into various facets of human life, including the realm of entertainment. While some artists express reservations about AI, Ozzy has engaged in discussions about the technology, exploring the possibility of using it to generate riffs from his late friend and guitarist, Randy Rhoads.

Having previously graced television screens with their own series, the Osbourne family transitioned to the realm of podcasting with The Osbournes Podcast. Co-hosting the podcast with his wife Sharon, and their children Jack and Kelly, Ozzy delved into the topic of AI’s potential application for Rhoads. Reflecting on the idea, Ozzy shared his thoughts, stating, “I haven’t considered it yet, but in terms of doing something akin to what the remaining Beatles did with the John Lennon project… where they had a partial song, and they cleaned up the track.” He also mentioned not having any remaining material of Rhoads.

Beyond being a guitarist, Rhoads also contributed as a songwriter alongside Ozzy, fostering a deep friendship as they toured the country together. Tragically, in 1982, Rhoads’s life was cut short when his plane crashed, marking his departure at the young age of 25.


“The Secret is Revealed”

Providing his father with insights into A.I., Jack explained how the technology can generate fresh tracks using the existing music crafted by Rhoads. Captivated by the concept, Ozzy expressed, “Well, you know what? I’m open to anything, especially if it maintains good quality.”

In contrast to a growing number of artists expressing reservations about AI in music, Ozzy seemed optimistic about the concept. Acknowledging the irreversible nature of progress, he emphasized, “The secret’s out. You can’t turn back the clock. The concern is that people might abuse it. I might get a formula for a song, and I could keep replicating it.”

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