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Paul Stanley Reveals the Two Weakest Records in KISS History

In a recent interview with Classic Rock, Paul Stanley of KISS shared his evaluation of the band’s discography, pinpointing two specific albums as their least successful efforts. When asked about the albums he considers the worst, the rock star identified two:

“There are two: ‘Unmasked’ and ‘Music From The Elder.’ ‘Unmasked’ was tepid and lacked energy. Actually, the band at that point probably lacked energy too. ‘The Elder’ was a misguided attempt at impressing people we shouldn’t have been trying to impress—the critics—while forgetting the people we should impress—the fans.”

Gene Simmons Aligns with Ace Frehley Regarding Criticisms of ‘The Elder

Gene Simmons also shares a disapproval of the ‘Music From “The Elder”‘ album. In 2022, despite their long-standing feud, he echoed Ace Frehley’s criticism of the album. Speaking to Guitar World, Simmons reflected on the choice of style for the album, which polarized fans and led to a decline in sales. He acknowledged Frehley’s correctness in asserting that KISS should have focused on creating a rock record instead of ‘The Elder.’ Simmons remarked:

“When I look back, despite his demons, in some ways Ace was right. We did need to make a rock record, and he had said that all along. Ace had said that ‘The Elder’ was not the record that Kiss should make, and he was right. But the thing is, we had people around us telling us it was a good idea, and things didn’t go according to plan. We got off track.”

Simmons concluded by stating that, while Frehley was correct in his criticism of the album, where he erred was in leaving the band at that particular time.

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