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Pete Townshend Unintentionally Unveils Elton John’s Latest Secret Project

Elton John, despite concluding his Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour on July 8, hasn’t bid farewell to music entirely. According to Pete Townshend, the 76-year-old singer is actively working on a new album. During a recent conversation with Clash Music, the guitarist revealed:

“Elton is so fraught with loss at not knowing what to do next. He’s just gone over to LA to make an album with Brandi Carlile. They made an album together in two weeks. He says it’s one of the best things they’ve ever done.”

Did This Spoil a Secret Surprise?

As of now, neither Elton John nor Brandi Carlile has made any official statements regarding their potential collaboration. It remains uncertain whether Townshend accidentally revealed a well-kept secret or not. The information surfaced as he discussed his close friendship with the ‘Rocket Man’ singer:

“He appears on Facetime every other morning… often when I’m in bed! ‘Hello, it’s Elton!’ He’s great company. And he’s very smart. But he’s also a wonderful musicologist; he really keeps up with what’s new. See, when he attaches onto somebody, he’s sincere about it; I still find myself pretending to like people that I’m not sure that I like because they appear to be unbelievably cool.”

Confirmation of Another Project by the Singer

Even though Elton John has remained tight-lipped about his collaboration with Brandi Carlile, he did announce another upcoming record a few months back. While inducting his longtime songwriting partner and friend Bernie Taupin into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame at the Barclays Center in November, he shared with the audience:

“We’ve just finished an album in Los Angeles, which is going to surprise the s**t out of you.” Reflecting on the album, he added: “It’s absolutely wonderful, and it’s full of youth, and it’s full of vitality. It’s a wonderful place to be after we’ve been together for 56 years.”

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