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Recently, Jean-Claude Van Damme filmed for 20 days for the 2009 film that saved his career and brought in $70 million

In the two decades between 1992 to 2012, Belgian action star Jean-Claude Van Damme starred in a very successful and popular film franchise that made him a household name and one of Hollywood’s most bankable action heroes. The Universal Soldier films series which comprises a total of 6 films, carved a unique identity for Van Damme which made him hold his own amongst superstars like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

With the 6th and final installment Universal Solider: Regeneration, the Bloodsport star cemented his place as an action hero who could bring out his dramatic side too. Another interesting aspect of this film was the surprising number of days that Van Damme spent on the set.

Jean-Claude Van Damme completed Universal Solider: Regeneration in 20 Days
The Universal Soldier films which started in 1992 saw Jean-Claude Van Damme become a cult action figure in Hollywood. The sci-fi thrillers were based on deceased soldiers in the Vietnam war being brought back to life in a secret military experiment to become superhuman warriors. The innovative theme and the narrative of the first film made it a big blockbuster at the box office thereby encouraging the makers to create 5 more sequels.

The final installment of the franchise titled Universal Solider: Regeneration also lived up to expectations, making a 70 million dollar profit upon its release in 2009. Despite more ambitious action scenes and visual effects, the film was completed in quick time with the 2 main stars, Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren filming for an extremely short schedule. According to IMDb, Lundgren who reprised his role as the antagonist Sergeant Andrew Scott, completed his role in just 5 days while the Belgian star who portrays Private Luc Deveraux the protagonist, was present at the set for a mere 20 days for his role.

Jean-Claude Van Damme Is A Devoted Animal Rights Advocate
Jean-Claude Van Damme may not be a prominent figure in Hollywood right now but the actor has other passions that have taken up his time and money. The Muscles from Brussels who was last seen in the action comedy The Last Mercenary in 2021, is now spending his energy as an avid supporter and advocate for animal rights. Van Damme was one of the many celebrities who vocalized the dire need to protect the world’s fauna and save them from extinction.

“Please, help me and let us all together try our best to save endangered species and take them into a safe harbor”

The Belgian martial arts star was also famously known for his softer side when he jumped into the fray between Norway and Bulgaria to save a 3-month-old Chihuahua from euthanasia due to the animal being given a fake passport. Van Damme who used his influence to step in a prevent the tragedy from happening, was instrumental in saving the dog’s life and putting it up for adoption.

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