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Remembering Shane MacGowan: A Tribute to the Pogues Singer at 65, with Flea’s Unforgettable Baptismal Memory

The world mourns the loss of Shane MacGowan, the iconic voice of The Pogues, who has left us at the age of 65. The heartbreaking news was shared by MacGowan’s wife, Victoria Mary Clarke, who conveyed her deep sorrow on Instagram, saying: “There’s no way to describe the loss that I am feeling and the longing for just one more of his smiles that lit up my world.” Shane MacGowan departed on Thursday, November 30.

Soulful Immersion: Flea’s ‘Baptism’ by Shane MacGowan of The Pogues

As the music world bids farewell to Shane MacGowan, Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea shared a poignant tribute on his Instagram, reminiscing about their first meeting and an unforgettable ‘baptismal’ moment. Accompanied by an old photo of the legendary singer, Flea expressed:

“And now I say, god bless the great Irishman Shane MacGowan. Every time I heard him sing I heard the truth, and my heart filled up with humanity. I once saw him sing with the Pogues at a festival in the late 80’s. It was so beautiful and I was reduced to tears. I approached him, and gushed, ‘Man that was so beautiful, thank you, etc…’”

Flea went on to recount a memory etched in his heart: “He looked at me and burst into laughter, accidentally spitting beer in my face, and it was not thoughtless or mean at all; he was just so humble and being a dude singing it seemed absurd to him to be elevated, like I was doing to him. I have never been a church-going man or a religious man, but if I ever felt baptized, it was that beer and spit in my face that did it. I’m so grateful he sang his songs for us.”

Unraveling the Mystery: Shane MacGowan’s Cause of Death

In the latter years, Shane MacGowan confronted numerous health hurdles, navigating life from a wheelchair since a pelvis fracture in 2015. His health struggles intensified last year with a diagnosis of viral encephalitis, a potentially life-threatening condition causing inflammation of the brain.

Having been discharged from Dublin’s St. Vincent’s Hospital on November 22 following treatment for an infection, the iconic singer succumbed to the challenges of an extended period of poor health on Thursday.

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