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Rob Trujillo Declares Official Semi-Solo Vocal Role in Metallica with James Hetfield’s Approval

In a recent Metal Hammer interview, Rob Trujillo shared his enthusiasm for taking on vocal duties to support James Hetfield in Metallica. He proudly declared himself the official semi-solo vocal in their track ‘You Must Burn!’

While discussing their new album, ’72 Seasons,’ the bassist revealed his favorite song, ‘Inamorata.’ Despite recognizing its classic potential, Trujillo leaned towards ‘You Must Burn!’ for personal reasons, expressing:

“‘Inamorata’ is an incredible song, and we all believe it has classic potential, but I’ve got to choose ‘You Must Burn!’ It marks my first official semi-solo vocal moment in Metallica. With Greg [Fidelman, producer] and James [Hetfield, frontman] giving me the freedom, I aimed to channel Ozzy – whether you hear it or not! I really love that middle section; it feels like a complete song with the perfect power groove. That’s my desert island jam.”

Exploring the Possibility of an Expanded Vocal Role

When questioned about the possibility of taking on a more significant vocal role in Metallica in the future, Trujillo responded:

“I’m always ready to contribute to what the band needs! Initially, I anticipated doing more gang vocal-type elements, providing texture and presence to the recording. However, I didn’t realize I’d get a semi-solo moment! Regardless, I always give my best in whatever role I’m assigned, and these are the moments that become special memories.”

Embracing the Invitation to Contribute Vocals

In a March interview with the band’s online publication, So What!, the musician recounted the unexpected call from their producer regarding vocal contributions. He shared:

“I was taken aback when Greg called me in because I was there to lay down some bass, but then he dropped the bomb, ‘I’m going to have you sing on a couple of things, too.’ And I was like, ‘Really?’ It caught me a bit off guard. Yet, simultaneously, I felt highly motivated. Luckily, the part fell comfortably within my wheelhouse, so to speak.”

Trujillo also disclosed that the genesis of ‘You Must Burn!’ was a jam session, evoking the atmosphere of a Tim Burton movie. ’72 Seasons’ stands as their first new album since 2016’s ‘Hardwired… To Self-Destruct.’ Looking ahead, Metallica plans to embark on a tour covering Europe, the US, Canada, and Mexico to promote their latest record in the coming year.

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