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Rob Trujillo’s Transition: Taking the Helm in Suicidal Tendencies after His Son Tye

In the year 2021, Tye stepped into the coveted bassist role with Suicidal Tendencies, a position previously held by his father from 1989 to 1995. Fast forward to the fifteenth episode of ‘The Metallica Report,’ a podcast offering weekly insider insights into all things Metallica. During this episode, Robert Trujillo, Tye’s father, delved into the narrative of how he found himself taking on the bass duties for Suicidal Tendencies, nearly three decades after his initial tenure.

The unfolding of events began at a Suicidal Tendencies concert at the House Of Vans in Mexico City on October 26. Rob Trujillo shared the circumstances that led to this unexpected collaboration: “My 19-year-old son, Tye, has a band called Otto, and they had a corporate gig booked a year in advance—something of great importance to them.” Navigating the complexities of conflicting schedules, Rob elaborated on the situation:

“But then there was also a gig for Suicidal Tendencies that came up, let’s say, within eight weeks. Tye had been touring with Suicidal Tendencies for close to three years, and there happened to be this one opportunity that came up within the delicate balance between Otto and Suicidal. Essentially, it was this date where the schedules conflicted, and in three years, it was kind of a miracle that such a conflict hadn’t arisen before.” Facing the scheduling dilemma, Robert initially considered finding a substitute for himself in the open bass guitarist position. However, a spontaneous decision changed the course of events:

“So I was trying to think of a sub. And then I just kind of said, ‘I’ll play it.’ And he was, like, ‘Really?’ I go, ‘Of course. I know the songs.’ It’s, like, as long as you play the songs that I had a history with, and some of the songs I actually wrote, I said, ‘I’ll play it. It would be fun.’ And he was, like, ‘Really? Oh, man. That’d be so cool.'” This impromptu decision led to Robert and Tye sharing the stage at a Suicidal Tendencies show in Phoenix on September 9, creating a unique and memorable father-son musical moment.

Musical Legacies: The Rise of Second Generation Bands

Tye Trujillo’s band, Ottto, made waves with their March release, ‘Life Is a Game.’ Tye’s musical journey began at the tender age of 12 when he filled in for Korn’s Fieldy, eventually making his mark with Suicidal Tendencies. Keeping it in the family, his 16-year-old sister Lullah showcases her multi-instrumental talent in drums, piano, and bass. Meanwhile, the next generation of Metallica is making its mark. Lars Ulrich’s sons, Myles and Layne, form Taipei Houston. James Hetfield’s son, Castor, is the drummer for Bastardane, and Kirk Hammett’s teenage sons, Angel and Vincenzo, are exploring their musical paths.

Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live! this year, Lars Ulrich mused about the future, hinting that one day Metallica might ‘hand over the keys to the kingdom of hard-rock’ to their offspring. However, he emphasized their need to navigate their own musical journey, saying, “They ask for advice, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they follow it, as they shouldn’t have to, but they’re certainly curious. They’re obviously out there, finding their feet, and they should be out there finding their feet. I’m happy to help them when I can, but at the same time, they’ve got to figure some of this stuff out for themselves.”

Reflecting on Tye’s early interest in music, Robert Trujillo shared, “In his first eight years, [Tye] was just hitting everything in sight. And then he had a plastic guitar, a couple of them, and he played that thing so much, he actually wore down an area with a pick technique. Imagine wearing down plastic to that degree? That was hardcore. So, we knew that he had a real connection to music.” For a deeper dive into their musical and familial dynamics, check out the full show where they discuss their music and their children’s musical endeavors.

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