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Roger Waters Opens Up About Remorse Following the Passing of the Victim

In a poignant post following the passing of Jim Ladd on December 17, Roger Waters paid tribute to the late DJ. Waters didn’t shy away from addressing Ladd’s departure from SiriusXM, expressing his own culpability in the matter. He shared the news of Ladd’s peaceful passing during sleep, reflecting on their past collaboration:

“As the Irish say, ‘I’m sorry for my loss.’ I just revisited an interview from 1984 with Jim; he was brilliant, as was Stewy, my cocker spaniel. Jim faced a recent setback at work. SiriusXM, his employer, reduced his Deep Tracks shows from six a week to just one. Thank you, Scott Greenstein, and if not you, then whoever should have intervened.”

Ladd’s schedule at SiriusXM had undergone changes, diminishing his presence on the Deep Tracks channel from a daily to a weekly show. Waters, a former Pink Floyd member, candidly admitted to influencing this decision:

“I believe, at least in part, that Jim was let go because of me. Against the company’s reservations, Jim had interviewed me on Deep Tracks, and our conversation delved too close to the sensitive topic of Israel and its treatment of the Palestinians.”

Roger Waters’ Fondness for Jim Ladd

Waters also delved into his enduring friendship with Ladd, a bond that traces back to the ’80s. Reflecting on their connection, he expressed:

“Jim and I shared a profound affection. I played a role in getting him the gig at Sirius when the relentless grind of modern LA finally shut its door on his illustrious career at KMET and KLOS. Jim was a true revolutionary. He championed the power of love, truth-telling, human rights, and the spirit of Freeform Radio.”

The singer revealed that he and the late DJ harbored plans for a new radio venture named Radio KAOS FM in 2024. The station’s moniker drew inspiration from their collaborative work on the 1987 album ‘Radio KAOS.’

The Passing of Jim Ladd

Jim Ladd, aged 75, succumbed to a heart attack. His passing was relayed to SiriusXM listeners by his colleague, Meg Griffin, on the Deep Tracks channel.

Griffin informed the audience that Ladd breathed his last at his residence near Carmichael, California, with his wife, Helene Hodge-Ladd, by his side. In a heartfelt homage to the departed DJ, Griffin remarked:

“He remained unwavering in his care. He was a purveyor of truth. His life was dedicated to the music, and I consider myself fortunate to have collaborated with him.”

Remembering the Career of the Departed DJ

Ladd embarked on his radio journey in 1969 at KNAC in Long Beach, California. Swiftly becoming a recognizable voice in Southern California’s burgeoning rock scene, he played a pivotal role during the growth of FM radio, leaving an indelible impact on numerous artists. Among those influenced was Tom Petty, who found inspiration for his ‘The Last DJ’ album through Ladd.

In a previous interview with Michael Simone, Ladd reflected on being at the forefront of radio evolution:

“We were essentially inventing this thing as we went along, so, in radio, my role models are pretty much everyone I’ve worked with, learned from, or borrowed from. In my life, Martin Luther King stands out as one of my role models, and during my formative years, John Lennon and Jim Morrison were significant influences, along with [Roger] Waters.” Check out Roger Waters’ tribute message for him below.


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