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Roger Waters Reveals the Pink Floyd Album He Envisions Rerecording

In a recent fan Q&A on X, Roger Waters shared his aspiration to re-record a specific Pink Floyd album. A curious fan posed the question to the musician: “If you could redo any of the other great Pink Floyd albums, which one would you choose and why?”

Issues in the Production of ‘The Final Cut

Waters responded by highlighting aspects of the production in ‘The Final Cut’ that he finds less than satisfactory: “There are parts of the production of ‘The Final Cut’ that I would redo. I’m not sure that James Guthrie, Michael Kamen, and I made all the right choices, particularly in the mix… the drum levels on some of the tracks. Some of it’s a bit overwrought and thinking too much, in my view.”

He then elaborated on what he envisions differently for the album: “And some of the songs might have been better served by less production and more; how would this song sound if it was just a band getting together and playing it? A band of skilled players and performing it in a more natural way, so less, you know, trying to be very theatrical.”

The singer pointed out a specific track from the album: “I’m particularly talking about the drum parts in ‘Possible Pasts’ [singing the song]. ‘Will you remember me? How we used…’ the drum fill into that, I’ve always thought was way too loud and explosive, and trying too hard.”

Differing Views on Re-recording ‘The Final Cut

In the comments section, diverse opinions surfaced as some fans resonated with the musician’s sentiments, while others expressed contentment with the existing version of the song. One supporter shared:

“True, as it’s true that the drums and other important elements are buried in mixing and mastering due to inappropriate production, technical, or artistic criteria, in all bands. In 1982, it was not possible. Now, you can release the multitrack and let us process them. Could be interesting.”

However, an opposing view emerged: “My favorite album, ‘The Final Cut.’ I wouldn’t change a thing.” Another comment reinforced appreciation for the album and specific elements:

“‘The Final Cut’ is a fave album. And ‘Possible Pasts’ is such a rollercoaster song, where that part of the loud drum adds awesome intensity. Love your theatrical signature, which makes all you create so original and special; never drop it; it’s pure passion R.”

‘The Final Cut’ stands as the last Pink Floyd album featuring Waters, who authored all the songs and provided lead vocals, except for ‘Not Now John,’ where David Gilmour took the lead. Despite subsequent tensions, Gilmour and Waters initially shared a positive rapport, even playing ‘Donkey Kong’ together. Feel free to watch the video and peruse the comments below.





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