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Ronnie Radke Criticizes Lifestyle and Lyrics of Gen Z Metal Bands

A recent tweet by Travis Worland of Enterprise Earth sparked criticism from Ronnie Radke aimed at Gen Z metal bands on X.

In response to Worland’s post describing Slaughter To Prevail’s mask as ‘the deathcore equivalent of the MAGA hat,’ Radke shared the lyrics to Enterprise Earth’s ‘Deathwind’ and commented:

“Dude literally in a band with these lyrics, complaining about another metal band from Russia, mentioning Donald Trump. What a freaking corny person.”

Accusations of Hypocrisy Against Gen Z Rockers, He Stated

After calling out the 26-year-old singer, who is also part of The Willow and Aethere, the Falling In Reverse frontman broadened his critique to encompass a broader spectrum of new-generation bands:

“Gen Z metal bands singing stuff like ‘I will murder you and eat your brains, I am all that is evil, I am the alpha and omega,’ then get on Twitter and be like ‘I got misgendered today at Starbucks.’ Get out of here with your soft attitude.”

Radke’s Provocative Remarks Continue to Stir Discussions

A consistent source of controversy in the metal scene, Radke has previously grabbed headlines for his remarks about the LGBTQ+ community. In August 2023, he faced criticism for a tweet suggesting that the increasing number of young people identifying as LGBTQ+ was merely a trend. His tweet read:

“My daughter comes home from school and says, ‘I have 3 trans friends, 2 gay friends…’ She is literally a child; it is a trend to be trans and gay. And y’all wanna act like it’s freaking normal and try to shame people and make them into bad people because it makes them uncomfortable that their kids are being exposed and indoctrinated and confused.”

The singer also noted the banning of his TikTok account due to his comments on the community and challenged his followers to cancel him.


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