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Snowpiercer Season 4 Scrapped In Latest WBD Tax Write-Off

TNT, an offshoot of Warner Bros. Discovery, has announced that it will not air Snowpiercer season 4. Based on the 2013 film of the same name by Parasite director Bong Joon-ho, itself an adaptation of the French graphic novel Le Transperceneige, the Snowpiercer television adaptation first aired on TNT in May 2020. The road to the adaptation wasn’t an easy one with the series being stuck in production limbo for several years, before progress was finally made in 2019. Though met with mixed reviews, the show has gone on to be nominated for several awards, including a Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Special Visual Effects. Before the season 3 premiere of the series, the show had been renewed for season 4, which would also be Snowpiercer’s last and make it the final scripted original series to air on TNT, as the network ceased the production of original programming, largely as a result of the Warner Media-Discovery merger.

Now, it has been announced (via Deadline) that TNT will not air season 4 of Snowpiercer. A spokesperson for the network stated that they have been working with the show’s producers since 2022 to find Snowpiercer a new home. This move is thought to be another part of Warner Bros. Discovery’s tax write-offs. Read the statement from the TNT spokesperson below:

We can confirm that Snowpiercer will end after a successful, multi-season run on TNT. Its talented writers, actors and crew took an extraordinary premise and brought it to life in thrilling ways. It was critically acclaimed, had a significant impact on the post-apocalyptic genre and now remains in the hearts and minds of fans forever.

Snowpiercer’s Cancelation Continues Dangerous TV Trend

Despite the somewhat sudden cancelation, there is still hope that Snowpiercer season 4 can be picked up elsewhere. It has been reported that Tomorrow Studios is currently shopping the new season, but nothing has been confirmed as of yet. Snowpiercer star Sam Otto (John Osweiller) took to Instagram to share his thoughts on the news, saying that it “remains to be seen if the final season will see the light of day.” He encourages fans to make their voices heard, in the hopes that fan outcry can still save season 4. He goes on to thank viewers, saying “To everyone who watched and invested in it though, I salute you, and hopefully this last chapter will be viewable at some point soon.”

Snowpiercer is yet another victim of Warner Bros. Discovery’s content tax write-offs, joining the likes of such projects as Westworld, Batgirl, Roswell: New Mexico, Love Life, and Minx. Warner Bros. Discovery recently stated that their tax write-offs from axing so much content could be up to $3.5 billion, which is $1 billion over their previous estimate. While these cancelations can save Warner Bros. Discovery a lot of money, there has been massive viewer outcry over the sudden cancelation of long-awaited and much-beloved projects.

Though Warner Bros. Discovery CFO Gunnar Wiedenfels recently announced that the tax write-off cancelations are now all over, there is still concern over what other projects might have been axed that haven’t been publicly announced yet. While there has been backlash over almost every cancelation, Westworld and Snowpiercer fans have been particularly livid, as both series had only one season left to go. While there is no guarantee the show will be picked up elsewhere, Snowpiercer fans are hoping that the deal with Tomorrow Studios goes through in time for the series’ final season.

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