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Sophie Lloyd Addresses the Hate Stemming from Machine Gun Kelly

Sophie Lloyd recently engaged with Primordial Radio, addressing the backlash stemming from her association with Machine Gun Kelly. Transitioning from local pub performances to joining MGK marked a pivotal moment for Lloyd. Expressing gratitude for the opportunity, she described the experience as both educational and rewarding. However, the guitarist encountered online negativity following the announcement of her affiliation with MGK’s band. When asked about her emotions regarding the backlash, Sophie shared:

“Yeah, it was really weird. Because obviously, it seems like you have hate on the internet, and even that’s a little bit sad, but it feels like the whole world literally is there at your doorstep. We had journalists turn up at my parents’ home. We had some crazy things and everything. Like my mom and my boyfriend.”

Loved Ones Respond to Lloyd’s Unexpected Rise to Fame

Nevertheless, they all seem to revel in her newfound celebrity status, as the musician humorously added:

“We’re kind of loving it, though. Because they were like, ‘Oh my God, there’s this article that mentions my name. I’m famous now’ [Laughs]. Good for you! Chris [Painter, Sophie’s boyfriend] is, ‘Oh my god, I got verified because they wrote me in an article’ [Laughs]

Unveiling the Discovery: How MGK Found Sophie Lloyd

In an interview with NME last year, Lloyd recounted the story of how the rocker first entered her life, stating: “MGK literally just messaged me on Instagram one day after seeing some of my videos. We Facetimed, we seemed to vibe really well, and before I knew it, I had my visa and was flying from London to LA for rehearsals.”

Harmonizing Femininity and Rock

Nonetheless, this isn’t the sole source of backlash she’s encountered. Lloyd confidently embraces her unique style, merging her passion for rock and metal with a keen interest in makeup and fashion. She’s fully aware that some online critics take issue with this fusion of femininity and rock music. In a recent conversation with Guitar, she expressed:

“I’ve always wanted to bring that feminine edge because although I love rock and metal and mosh pits, I also love makeup and getting my nails done. I love the idea of combining all of that and branding that in itself – that kind of cool, woman rockstar thing. People on the internet will always get annoyed at it.” The rocker also pointed out that she recognizes much of the criticism she faces stems from misogyny. She highlighted the double standards within the rock industry, where men can capitalize on women’s sex appeal, but when a woman expresses herself similarly, she is often subjected to judgment and negative labeling. This hypocrisy deeply concerns her.

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