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Steven Van Zandt Unveils the True Driving Force Behind the Rolling Stones’ Success, and It’s Not Mick Jagger and Keith Richards

In a recent update on X, Steven Van Zandt delved into the often overlooked contributors to the Rolling Stones’ triumphs, moving beyond the iconic duo of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. A platform user shared an image featuring Charlie Watts and Bill Wyman, captioning it as “The original rhythm section ⁦of the Rolling Stones, Charlie Watts and Bill Wyman.” Reposting this tweet, the E Street Band member emphasized the crucial role of Watts and Wyman in the band, stating:  “These individuals, coupled with the songwriting prowess showcased in the first 12 albums, are the reason the Rolling Stones continue to pack stadiums six decades later.

Exploring Fan Responses and Song Highlights

In the comments section, fans resonated with Van Zandt’s sentiments, citing specific songs from the Stones’ repertoire as examples. One fan expressed: “‘Live By The Sword’ on the latest album serves as a poignant reminder of how Wyman’s bass, often overlooked, contributed to the distinctive wobble in the Stones’ sound. I could listen to that rhythm section on hot coals and still enjoy it.” Another fan shared their thoughts on a different track: “The bass and drums on ‘Jumpin’ Jack Flash’ get me every time.” A comment dedicated to Wyman highlighted his irreplaceable presence:  “No offense to Darryl Jones, who is a fantastic player, but it just doesn’t sound like the Stones without Wyman. Such a unique player.

Exploring Wyman’s Comeback in ‘Hackney Diamonds’

Little Steven previously shared insights about Wyman’s pivotal role in shaping the band’s sound during an interview on X, particularly during Wyman’s brief return for ‘Hackney Diamonds.’ The guitarist expressed his admiration upon hearing the news about Wyman:  “Bill Wyman is the most underrated bass player in rock history and was a crucial, integral part of the distinctly unique sound of the early Rolling Stones. While Watts contributed to every Rolling Stones album until his passing in 2021, Wyman lent his bass skills to 19 records before departing from the band in 1993.  Check out the tweets below for more details.




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