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Ted Nugent Debunks Electric Vehicles, Unveils His Reasons

In the latest episode of ‘The Spirit Campfire,’ Ted Nugent strongly criticized electric vehicles (EVs), dismissing them as a ‘scam’ and asserting their harm to the environment. He expressed his views emphatically:

“Electric vehicles are a scam! You have to be mentally ill to believe in electric vehicles. You have to be a numb nut to believe that wind turbines are better than coal, oil, natural gas, or propane. You have to have st for brains to believe this global warming bullst. If you believe it, you have st for brains! While you were sleeping, someone opened your skull and took a dump in your skull. You have st for brains.”

Nugent continued to voice his disapproval of the increasing support for electric cars and renewable energy: “The EV movement is the rape of the environment. The wind turbines are the rape of the environment and the rape of our tax dollars. The solar panels are the rape of agriculture, the rape of the environment, the rape of our tax dollars! If you believe the electric vehicle is the answer, you’re a rapist of the environment and of the American Dream.”

Understanding the Singer’s Opposition to Electric Vehicles

In a previous episode of ‘The Nightly Nuge’ in 2022, Nugent delved into his critique of electric vehicles, specifically highlighting the environmental repercussions of mining rare metals for lithium batteries. He elaborated:

“Let’s delve into the science, shall we? Where does all the lithium come from? Our enemies. And what happens to that toxic, environment-destroying lithium after the batteries go bad, green-breath dirtbags. You’ve gotta be kidding me.” Asserting that EVs were more detrimental to nature than petrol cars, the singer emphasized:

“I just had my fleet of Ford Broncos returned, so they get exactly eight hundred and forty yards to the gallon because even if Uncle Ted put the pedal to the metal and just burned all the fossil fuels I could possibly scorch the earth with, I would never catch up with the environmental destruction and the toxicity that is gonna be created by the creation, deployment, and maintenance of all those wind turbines, the creation, the deployment, and maintenance of all those solar panels, and the creation and the earth-destroying resource raping and pillaging that goes into creating electric cars.”

Disapproval of the New Climate Change Policies

Nugent also vehemently opposed the Green New Deal proposals in 2019, which advocated for a shift towards renewable energy and resource efficiency, including investments in tools like electric cars. He expressed his disapproval, stating:

“You’ve got to be kidding me. You’ve gotta have a sunbaked turd for a brain to believe any of this absolute left-wing, communist, greedy, Bill Gates, corrupt government monster that they’re creating with the so-called Green New Deal. It’s the worst thing in the history of environmental pollution — way worse than the Industrial Revolution.”

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