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The Commemoration of an Eagles Song: How a Town Honored the Band with a Statue

What is the ultimate way to pay homage to a beloved song? Some fans opt for posters, T-shirts, or even tattoos, while others incorporate the music into significant life events. Yet, very few take it as far as erecting a statue in honor of a song, but that’s precisely what happened with one iconic Eagles track.

The profound impact of music is often seen in unexpected ways. Insignificant street corners gain newfound importance when they become the backdrop for significant events immortalized in songs. History unfolds around us, and every mundane location can hold significance, but when a particular spot becomes the inspiration for a song, it transforms into a cultural landmark.

Visit a specific corner in Winslow, Arizona, and you’ll likely encounter people snapping photos. This corner is referenced in the Eagles song ‘Take It Easy,’ the opening track of the band’s debut album that quickly soared to number one. It marked a pivotal moment for the Eagles, putting this particular street corner firmly on the musical map.

The initial draft of the song was penned by Jackson Browne, residing in the same apartment block as Glenn Frey. Browne had a rough outline but sought Frey’s collaboration to add the finishing touches. Frey, a struggling songwriter at the time, lent his creativity to shape the final version known and cherished today.

Frey contributed one of the song’s most iconic lines in the second verse: “it’s a girl, my lord, in a flatbed Ford, slowing down to take a look at me.” He also suggested extending the “E” in “Easy.”

Reflecting on the past, Frey considers ‘Take It Easy’ one of the Eagles’ most significant songs. As the opener for their debut album, it served as the perfect introduction for those just discovering the band. In an interview, Frey remarked that the song represented “America’s first image of our band with the vistas of the Southwest and the beginning of what became country rock.”

Fans resonated with this sentiment, and the song remains a favorite for many. While various fans have found ways to commemorate the track, none have gone as far as the town of Winslow, Arizona. Here, a statue stands in honor of the song, portraying a girl in a flatbed Ford—a visual homage to the timeless lyric. The statue endures, a testament to the enduring legacy of ‘Take It Easy.’

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