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The Rolling Stones’ Inaugural Performance: Unveiling the Blues Songs that Set the Stage

The Rolling Stones’ Audacious Debut: A Blues-Infused Triumph at the Marquee Club On July 11th, 1962, backstage at the Marquee Club, Mick Jagger’s nerves are palpable. The Rolling Stones are about to embark on their first-ever gig, and the setting at the notoriously snobbish Marquee Club intensifies the pressure. As the trad jazz purists in the lounge eye the scruffy, psychedelic-looking band, the Stones are informed that they might not be well-received.

Undeterred, the band, led by Brian Jones, embraces their unconventional image. Faced with the reality of the middle-class crowd’s expectations, they defiantly double down on their raw sense of “fucklessness” and passion for R&B. In a bold move, they take the stage early, unprofessionally tuning their instruments in front of the audience.

Brian Jones, always displaying a rebellious streak, rallies the band, including Keith Richards, Mick Jagger, Ian Stewart, and others, for this pivotal moment. As the band begins to play, boos erupt from the trad jazz enthusiasts, creating a room divided between disapproval and enthusiastic appreciation from mods.

Undeterred by the initial clashes, The Rolling Stones persist, playing songs like ‘Kansas City,’ ‘Baby What’s Wrong,’ and Chuck Berry’s ‘Confessin’ The Blues.’ The audience settles down, and after a solid 90 minutes and 20 songs, the band exits into the early hours of the next day, having survived the Marquee Club’s famed Thursday night slot.

Though they hadn’t pleased everyone, the blues-infused setlist below captures the raucous originality that would ensure their swift return to the stage. Handwritten Setlist:

  1. Kansas City
  2. Baby What’s Wrong
  3. Confessin’ The Blues

The blues songs, delivered with a unique fervor, marked The Rolling Stones’ audacious debut, leaving an indelible impression and setting the stage for their iconic career.

What songs did The Rolling Stones play at their first gig?

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