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Travis Barker Faces Criticism for Daughter Alabama’s Attire

Travis Barker is currently facing criticism over his parenting after a TikTok video surfaced featuring his daughter, Alabama, wearing a provocative dress. Alabama, who celebrated her 18th birthday on December 24, was seen in her birthday video donning a strapless dress made of sheer black lace with a midsection cutout. As she gestured with a middle finger towards the camera, the caption of the post read: “I’m legal now, what?! Oh, OK.”

Social Media Criticism of the Drummer’s Parenting Choices

The video has once again brought attention to Alabama’s choice of clothing, particularly on social media platforms like Reddit. Users have expressed concerns about her fashion decision, questioning both her own judgment and the influence of her parents, Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler.

One person commented: “She posted this on TikTok on her birthday… It’s very telling what kind of parents she has. They are so negligent. I hope to God she doesn’t start an OF, just for her sake.”

Another user criticized her revealing outfits and shared: “What’s up with the oversexualized image people are trying to have these days? She literally just turned 18; what kind of parents are out there?” Commenting on Barker’s response to the situation, a third user added: “And her father just likes everything she posts, including this.”

Alabama’s Reaction to the Criticism of Her Attire Choice

Travis Barker has faced similar reactions before, notably when Alabama hinted at getting lip fillers for her birthday. In November, criticism arose once again for a dance video where Alabama wore a brown print dress with thin straps and a plunging neckline.

The 48-year-old drummer chose not to address these comments on social media, but his daughter responded directly to her critics. Taking to her Instagram Stories, she wrote:

“Let’s stop getting mad on my page that you felt the need to oversexualize me and have a problem with it; I’m not going to wear long sleeves, etc, to make the internet not sexualize the body I was born with. If you have a problem, unfollow me.”

While these discussions persisted, Travis Barker welcomed his son, Rocky Thirteen, in November. The newborn is Barker’s first child with his wife, Kourtney Kardashian.

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