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Unveiling the Mystery Behind The Rolling Stones’ Pinnacle Creations

Deciphering The Rolling Stones’ Finest Hour: Beggars Banquet and the Jimmy Miller Touch The debate over The Rolling Stones’ best work remains subjective—blues aficionados may lean towards their early works, while others celebrate the swaggering rock of the 1970s and beyond. However, for Keith Richards, the answer is crystal clear.

Richards, known for his candid assessments, has never shied away from expressing his opinions on The Stones’ music. Their 1967 album, “Their Satanic Majesties Request,” was dubbed “rubbish,” and Mick Jagger echoed the sentiment, deeming the seminal “Exile On Main St.” “overrated.”

Yet, amid criticisms, Richards and Jagger can appreciate their achievements and even poke fun at their missteps. When asked about their best work, Richards singled out “Beggars Banquet” during a discussion with Marc Myers, the author of “Anatomy of a Song.”

For Richards, the late 1960s marked a period of consecutive hits for the band, with tracks like ‘Street Fighting Man’ earning them top-ten spots in both the UK and America, solidifying their success on both sides of the Atlantic. However, Richards doesn’t attribute the success to their musical or songwriting maturation but instead credits the band’s producer, Jimmy Miller.

Expressing his admiration, Richards stated, “To his credit, our producer, Jimmy Miller, brought incredible enthusiasm to what we were doing on ‘Street Fighting Man’.” Miller, more than a producer, became an integral part of the band, playing on records, suggesting song changes, and even stepping in as a drummer when needed.

Miller’s influence extended beyond “Beggars Banquet,” as he continued to work with The Stones on “Let It Bleed,” “Sticky Fingers,” “Exile On Main St.,” and “Goats Head Soup.” According to Richards, this era marked the band’s pinnacle. “We made our best records with him. He always knew when to engage and when to stay out of the picture,” Richards affirmed, highlighting Miller’s uncanny ability to sense when the band needed a break.

Beyond his role as a producer, Miller became an indispensable part of The Rolling Stones family, earning the admiration of Richards who described him as “one of the warmest guys and an incredible friend.” In the intricate tapestry of The Stones’ legacy, “Beggars Banquet” stands as a testament to the collaborative magic sparked by the union of the band and the enthusiastic touch of Jimmy Miller.

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