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Vince Gill and Amy Grant Create History at the Ryman Auditorium

Vince Gill and Amy Grant Reach a Musical Milestone with 100th Show at the Ryman Auditorium On Thursday, December 22, Vince Gill and Amy Grant marked a significant achievement as they celebrated their 100th show at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville during their 2023 Christmas at the Ryman residency. This remarkable feat establishes them as the first artists in the venue’s 131-year history to headline 100 times.

The annual tradition, which commenced in 2008, has now become a historic part of the Ryman’s legacy. To commemorate this milestone, Gill and Grant were honored with a special Hatch Show Print presented to them onstage by comedian Nate Bargatze and Chrissy Hall, the Director of Concerts at the Ryman.

“I was deeply honored to be a part of this,” Bargatze remarked as he presented them with the plaque. He expressed his admiration for Grant, being a Tennessee native like himself, and shared that he and his siblings were “giant fans” of hers while growing up. “Amy, we had all your CDs; you were all we were allowed to listen to. It’s all we wanted to, I loved it.”

The comedian lauded the couple for making history at the venue, emphasizing that it adds another layer to their already impressive legacy. “It’s unreal, and it speaks for your longevity,” he stated. “Longevity is something a lot of younger people don’t talk about, but that’s what’s impressive about y’all, that you’ve done it this long. To be the first ones to do it for 100 shows is remarkable.”

The 2023 residency, spanning from December 13 to December 23, marked a festive celebration. Grant, during the opening night, pondered the enduring appeal of Christmas music. “What is it about Christmas music? We listen to it constantly for three or four weeks and then not the rest of the year,” she reflected. “But then it comes around again. I think because we continue to return to these songs. They hold so many memories for us, for all of us. This is a tender time of year, and we are so glad you’re all here. The biggest gift that we have is being together. The gift of each other.”

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