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Wednesday, Season 2 was renewed after breaking records for how many people watched it on Netflix.

The much-wanted renewal of Wednesday for a second season has finally been announced by the streaming service. In 2022, Netflix made a new version of the Addams family. Jenna Ortega played Morticia Addams in this version, which was called “Addams Family Values.” The first season of Wednesday was mostly about Ortega’s character figuring out who killed someone at her new school, Nevermore Academy. It didn’t take long for critics and fans alike to love the latest version of the Addams family. Wednesday has been on Netflix’s list of most-watched shows for a while, which made many people wonder if there would be a second season.

Since the first season of Wednesday came out on Netflix more than two months ago, the show’s future has finally been decided. Netflix said today that season 2 of the popular show “Wednesday” will start airing on the service. It was said that the second season of Wednesday would be renewed in early 2023, and now the time has come. Below is the full announcement:

Predicting Wednesday Season 2’s Story

The end of the first season of “Wednesday” set up the possible big bad for the second season. Wednesday was on her way home when she got a message from someone she didn’t know saying they were “watching” her. Her new stalker is probably going to be the new bad guy. Also, because of the sad death of Principal Weems, Nevermore will have to get a new headmaster in season 2 of “Wednesday,” which should lead to some trouble.

It wouldn’t be surprising if the first few episodes took place during Wednesday’s school break, which would give the Addams family a bigger role. Morticia Addams helping Wednesday learn how to use her vision powers is a key plot point that will probably be explored. Wednesday’s visions were a big part of season 1, and she still has a lot to learn, so it makes sense that Morticia can now start helping her daughter understand these powers.

When Wednesday Season 2 Could Release On Netflix

Fans want to know when Wednesday season 2 will be available on Netflix, regardless of what they think will happen in the story. Since it was renewed for a second season in January 2023, they probably haven’t started writing yet. Assuming they get the same number of episodes, it’s likely that the scripts would need to be finished before they could start filming later in the year. If Netflix doesn’t hurry up production on the new episodes, it’s unlikely that Wednesday season 2 will come out in 2023. It would also be good for the show if Netflix didn’t rush things for season 2; given how popular season 1 was, people won’t mind waiting a bit, and the best way to start a franchise like Stranger Things is to put the quality of the new episodes first. Now that the second season of Wednesday is officially happening, it will be fun to find out more about it in the coming months.

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