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Wednesday, the second season might be leaving Netflix

Wednesday could leave Netflix soon.

The hit series, which stars Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams, came to Netflix in November of last year. It ended up being a huge success for the streaming giant.

Wednesday beat out Stranger Things to get more than 400 million hours of viewing time in one week than any other English-language show on Netflix.

Fans have praised the show’s writing and Ortega’s performance as the sullen teen, and many are looking forward to what seems like an inevitable second season.

Even though Wednesday has been very popular, Netflix has not yet picked it up for a second season. The popularity of the show almost guarantees that one will happen, but where?

Wednesday is a Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) show, so Netflix will want to keep it on its platform. However, the streaming service might not be able to.

Last year, Deadline reported that Amazon and MGM had closed a $8.5 billion (£7.06 billion) merger, which means that the rights to Wednesday may have gone with it.

This means that the second season could come out first on Amazon’s streaming giant Prime Video instead of Netflix.

This isn’t a sure thing, though. Netflix might make a deal with Amazon to keep showing the popular series.

According to Deadline, Amazon has declared that it has no plans to make all MGM programming exclusive to Prime Video, which is good news for Netflix users.

A Netflix spokesperson has been reached out to for comment by The Independent.

Despite there being no official renewal announcement, it has been rumored that producers are actively looking for new filming sites and hiring new writers.

Ortega, 20, has previously stated that she hopes Wednesday is bisexual in a second season, saying that she and her roommate Enid (Emma Myers) would be a pair in an ideal world.

Many viewers feel the same way; this suggests that Wednesday’s romantic entanglements will be explored more in season two.

“Today’s young people deserve to have their own version of Wednesday,” said Christina Ricci, who portrayed Wednesday in the ’90s and also featured in the recent spin-off as a teacher.

You can now stream Wednesday on Netflix.

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