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Willie Nelson Exposes How His Ex-Wife Discovered His Affair Through a Hospital Bill

Willie Nelson’s Ex-Wife Discovers Affair Through Unexpected Hospital Bill Writing his inaugural song at the tender age of 7, Willie Nelson devoted over six decades to sharing his musical passion with fans worldwide. As a revered member of the Grand Ole Opry, the iconic singer not only solidified his status as a country music stalwart but also clinched an impressive 12 Grammy Awards.

Beyond his musical endeavors, it appears that Nelson’s heart also harbored affection for the ladies, a fact that came to light when his ex-wife, Shirley Collie, stumbled upon a hospital bill for a baby she never had.

Courtesy of the Paramount+ documentary series, “Willie Nelson & Family,” fans are treated to an all-encompassing glimpse into the life of this legendary artist. Spanning four episodes, Nelson candidly discusses the highs and lows of his fame and domestic life.

In 1969, while perusing the mail, Collie unearthed a hospital bill for a baby girl named Paula Carlene. Unbeknownst to her, Nelson had been in a long-standing relationship with Connie Koepke, and it was only when confronted with the irrefutable evidence that the truth came to light. Nelson confessed, “The truth is, Connie had been my girlfriend for several years before becoming pregnant.”

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As for Koepke, her primary concern was breaking the news of the unexpected pregnancy to her parents rather than worrying about Nelson’s wife discovering the truth. In the series, she shared, “The last thing on my mind was getting pregnant and telling my mom and dad. Nevertheless, it happened. Honestly, I was the next one, and I don’t mean that negatively. Shirley wasn’t their mother; she was gone. I formed a deep bond with those kids. I loved them. They all became my kids too.”

Willie Nelson Eagerly Embraced “Willingly”

Lana Nelson, daughter of Willie and Martha Matthews, his first wife, shared the revelation of the new baby. She explained how Shirley was completely caught off guard, saying, “She had no idea there was a baby until she got the hospital bill. That’s how she found out about Connie. That’s how I found out about Connie!”

Marrying Matthews in 1952, by 1962, the couple were at odds, leading to their divorce. That same year, Nelson recorded “Willingly” with Shirley. He remarked, “The title just about summed up the sexual vibe we felt in the studio.”

Even Matthews sensed the sexual tension between the two, stating in a voiceover, “From the very beginning, there was something about [Shirley] that was after Willie. I could see it.”

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