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Wolfgang Van Halen on the Reunion with Michael Anthony: ‘He’s Family

Wolfgang Van Halen’s recent reunion with his father’s bandmate, Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony, has been making waves. In a recent interview with Loudwire Nights, Wolfgang fondly recalled the day they met face to face for the first time in two decades, expressing:

“He’s family.” Despite having prearranged plans to meet, Wolfgang seemed content with the spontaneous encounter: “It was long overdue. We had planned it since I started touring, and it just worked out perfectly. It was wonderful to see him—especially with my Mom and my uncle Patrick, who’s also part of the Mammoth team and has a long history with them. It was a really nice little reunion.”

WVH and Anthony’s Heartwarming Reunion

Wolfgang Van Halen and Michael Anthony celebrated their enduring friendship at Mammoth WVH’s concert in Las Vegas on December 9. This marked the first reunion between the original Van Halen bassist and his successor in two decades, a change in lineup that occurred in 2006 when Eddie Van Halen’s son, Wolf, was just 15 years old.

Despite the years that have passed, it was evident that there were no lingering tensions between the two, as captured in a heartwarming photo of their reunion. Michael Anthony even shared a video of the Mammoth WVH show he attended, expressing in the description:

“Went to see Mammoth WVH last night here in Vegas, and they threw it down! Love ya Wolf, so great to see ya! (Proud of you, brother!!)” In addition, Wolfgang also posted two pictures of their embrace with the caption: “Ran into an old friend at the Mammoth WVH show in Vegas tonight. (Love ya, Mikey.)”

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